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If you’re a realtor, I’m sure you’ve recently experienced the market change. People purchasing and selling real property are evolving, perhaps quicker than we’d prefer to acknowledge…

The only constant changes in the world of residential real estate. The Best Sac Homes Group understands it and is thriving. We’re among only a handful of local teams selected by many channel partners, including Zillow, Open-door, and OpCity, to be able to not just represent their brands at the local level but also to serve their clients on an exceptionally high standard. Thanks to the systems and training we’ve developed, we’ve managed to keep one of the top conversion rates in the nation throughout the year.

2022 has been an exciting journey, but there’s still a chance to finish the year with a bang. To the Best Sac Homes Group, it does not matter if your license has been valid for just 30 months or 30 years. If you want to start production and receive the guidance and training to achieve it…you’ve arrived at the right spot. Agents who join us are now and again opening escrows of 2-3 every month, in their first 60 days of joining the team…all due to our leads that we’re in a position to offer.

In 2021, the Best Sac Homes Group closed the year with a record of 1500+ transactions, which amounted to more than $775m in total volume. The benefit for every agent is that more than half originated directly from our leading sources like Zillow, OpCity, HomeLight, and others.

Our Expectations From You:

  • Represent Sellers/Buyers transacting residential real estate.
  • Create purchase agreements and listing contracts for your customers.
  • Conduct property appraisals to determine the value of the property to sellers.
  • Keep your eyes open and be available for every client you encounter constantly.
  • Update all systems and CRM’s together with the channel partners.

Your Expectations From Us:

  • 10 live tour requests every month. Imagine a world in which the consumer makes a request for a tour online, and then it is delivered directly to your mobile phone live.
  • A compensation program that makes earning six figures a reality.
  • There are no junk or desk fees We operate a lean and mean-looking operation.
  • Team lead/broker support continues to be provided There is no one left behind!
  • We have internal loan coordinators and transaction coordinators to ensure that you have the right tools to complete your task!

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Details


Date Posted: 2022-09-10
Occupational Category: Real Estate Jobs

Zillow Real Estate

Employment Type: Part-Time
Up to $175,000 a year
Schedule: Monday to Friday
Job City:
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Hiring Organization: The Best Sac Homes Group

Residency Requirement

CA 95624
Job Status: Open



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